Jesse Atwell

Jesse Atwell

Q: Tell us a bit about your comic strip, TEX:

A: TEX began as one-off, ink and watercolor characters on my instagram page @jesselikestodraw. I used to draw these little weird characters and just post them every couple of days. But it was an impromptu trip to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum to meet MUTTS creator Patrick McDonnell that initially inspired me to finalize the pitch deck for TEX. I drew for about nine months at my kitchen table before submitting it to Andrews McMeel. 

Q: What is TEX about?

A: TEX is about that time in your life when everything feels brand new. The strip centers around Tex Clapsaddle, an imaginative eight-year-old boy, and his family. Barbara, Tex’s mother, is the leader of the family. She has a short fuse and screams a lot. Tex’s father, Wayne, recently left a demanding job in the corporate world and doesn’t have a clue what to do with his time. Tex’s older brother, Austin, plays guitar, writes songs, and thinks he’s the coolest kid in middle school. And he’s dead wrong. The youngest of the family is five-year-old Missy, who is a wild, sarcastic handful. I like her a lot. Everyone in the Clapsaddle family is entering a new phase of life and each passing moment feels brand new to them.

Q: What watercolors do you use to color TEX?

A: I use LUKAS brand watercolors. And I also like to add some MaimeriBlu watercolors to the mix as well. I'm a vegan artist so it can sometimes be difficult to find vegan-friendly paints and supplies.

Q: Is there a particular kind of ink you use to ink TEX?

A: I struggle with ink, a lot. It seems to be either too runny or too sticky. I've settled for DR. PH. Martin's matte Black Star waterproof India ink. It's an amazing ink, but I haven't yet found the perfect ink for me. I ink on top of Fabriano hot pressed extra white watercolor paper.

More to come.

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